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All of Red Mud Marine’s lights have been torture tested for proven reliabilty, they have been frozen in blocks of ice for 48 hours, driven over multiple times by vehicles, drug behind vehicles at 50km/hr, burried in salt water tidal sand bars for hours on end, and submerged in salt water 30ft deep while lit! Our goal was to provide our customers with a light that just won’t quit and will survive under the harshest working conditions to bring you home safely. Our 35w and 50w lights are the toughest Marine lights you will find on the market built to handle the cold Canadian North Atlantic weather.


Warranty does not cover corrosion, regular washing of fresh water will help your lights finish last longer, we recommend removing your lights from vessel for winter storage.

IP69K Rated

Unbreakable poly carbonate lens

Electrically protected against RFI/EMC interference (will not interfere with radio’s or GPS)

Vibration certified

6063 Aluminium housing

2 year warranty

Choose either flood or spot

Removal or tampering of waterproof connector will void warranty

Red Mud Marine is not responsible for damage due to improper installation of lights.