Just wanted to say the Red Mud Marine puzzle lights worked awesome. I really put them to the test!!! I parked on them for a few hrs and then mounted them under the fairlead on my jeep. The were beat against rocks and cars and off trees. They were ran over and beat on with a hammer, thrown down a hill. They have been submerged in water and full of mud. All the while performing beautifully. Very good investment for any marine or off road use.
Dan Fowler, President of DARK SIDE JEEPS
Super bright lights for being 18W. Reasonably priced and very well constructed, pure white light. Used on herring deck of commercial 45ft fishing boat. Would reccomend them to anyone in the market for new lights!
Matthew MacSwain
Well ive had these lights in now for almost 8 months now. With mud,rocks,trees, 2000psi pressure washers. An -38 windchill weather an still standing strong an no problems at all. I have avoided a ton of wild life since I have installed these cause I’m able to see them from a distance cause they are like daylight in the dark !! Driving in snowy conditions not a prob anymore, cuts right through an lights the road up. With all the salt an grime on the roads these lights still problem free ! Definitely not a question on purchasing more from red mud marine. Thanks again AJ !!!
Christopher Andrew Ingram
I was in the market for LEDs and a friend showed me some torture test videos of Red Mud Marine lights. Leaving them in the ocean,burried under the dirt to parking a jeep on them. After seeing that I knew I wanted a set from them and I love to buy local when I can. AJ the owner was incredibly helpful and awesome to deal with. I had a small hole stripped out on one of my lights,my own mistake. He picked me up with the lights drove to a store purchased a thread tap and re threaded the light and replaced the bolt. He then assisted me in installing the lights ! Couldn’t have been a better experience ! The lights build quality is great, strong, and appealing. When turned on it literally makes night look like day. I purchased the 7″ round 70W light set with custom bulbs for my JK.
Conner Awlyard